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Flashr 0.2 released

Update 2:

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For the latest up to date information about Flashr please check out the new Flashr microsite

Flashr is the shiny new name for my Flash AS2 wrapper for the Flickr API. Version 0.2 of it has just been released, including support for the new auth scheme and much more.

Prompted by the update of the user authentication system and by getting back from 3 months holiday I have just updated Flashr. The main changes are where authentication is involved but I also made a number of other changes to the code. Certain things became a lot easier with the new system as you now know who the logged in user is.

Unfortunately some of the changes I made will require people using the library to change some of their code. For example, a lot of API functions which return a list of photos now support the “extras” parameter and I have placed this at the start of the parameters list. This is where it falls in the API documentation on and I thought that it was more useful to stick with this than to retain backwards compatibility with old code.

However, at this time the code moves out of alpha and into beta so it should be the last time such radical and unbackwardscompatible changes are made to the library. The Flickr API itself is also maturing now and so should become relatively stable.

Go and check out the new library here or if you want to see it in action then jump straight into a demo.

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