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2005 – an interesting year on flickr

Update 2:

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With the release of a new method on the Flickr API it is now possible for us to find the most interesting photos on a given day. I’ve combined this with the excuse that it’s a new year and put together a little toy which lets you look back over the most interesting photos of 2005…

The toy shows you the 15 most interesting photos from this date a year ago… You can click on a photo to find out more about it or you can drag the little slider at the bottom to choose a different day… Quite a cool way to discover some of the amazing photos on flickr!


I carried on playing around with the idea and made a new version. In this version you can see the top 3 most interesting photos for five consecutive days. I thought that you would end up with the same photo staying at the top for a few days but I guess flickr’s interestingness algorithm stops that happening… Interesting, ey?

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