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Textpattern upgraded


This is a very old page imported from my previous blog. If there is missing content below or anything that doesn’t make sense then please check the page on my old blog.

I finally got around to updating the version of Textpattern that my blog is running on to the latest version. I was running a very old beta (from december 04) until now!

I was disappointed to find that I still had to hack the textpattern core to get my syntax highlighting plugin to work despite raising a bug ticket about the problem over a year ago. In fact, looking through the Textpattern source code I was very tempted to write my own blog system using my new favourite PHP framework: CodeIgniter. I think that will have to wait until I find some spare time though…

Anyway, if you notice any bugs with the blog now that it has been updated then please let me know either via a comment below or through my contact form.

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