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Flash on the Beach and some Perlin Noise

Last week I went to the Flash on the Beach conference and as has been said by many people, it was amazing.

I decided to go for more of the inspirational rather than technical sessions and saw some absolutely amazing speakers including (in order of appearance): Hoss Gifford, Joshua Davis, Brendan Dawes, Craig Swann, Mario Klingemann, Robert Hodgin, Erik Natzke, Chris Allen, Dr Woohoo, Andre Michelle, Marcos Weskamp and Jared Tarbell. Wow!

And as well as all these amazing talks there was the opportunity to meet loads of friends – old and new – and to chat about geeky stuff. And then there was all of the booze and the parties… And a girl in a box!

Anyway, one particular example from Robert got me thinking and wanting to play… He mentioned the PerlinNoise function and talked about how it could be used to simulate flocking. And he showed a slide where a perlin noise image had been used to set the rotation of a set of arrows displayed on top of it. I wanted to play with this and had a little bit of time over the weekend so I managed to come up with this:

My perlin creatures

It’s really simple stuff – you can get the sourcecode and see the process that it evolved through here. The code isn’t beautiful or optimised as I was trying to concentrate on playing rather than doing it right (a concept which seemed to be a recurring theme of the conference).

And I wasn’t the only one who got interested by Robert’s mention of perlin noise. Seb Lee-Delisle posted on Sunday about 3D Perlin Noise in Flash – it looks like a really interesting way to take this further. I can’t wait to see what he comes up with and hopefully to find some more time to play with it myself :)

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