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Happy Christmas and Happy New Year!

This Christmas I am living in Canada whilst most of my friends and family are back in England or elsewhere. So I decided to make a virtual Christmas card that I could easily and quickly send anywhere. So here’s one for the reader(s?) of my blog:

You can click on the card to flip it over and read the message on the back but remember to flip back and see how the snow stacks up on the figures in the foreground… It’s not exactly realistic but I like it :)

I managed to put the whole thing together in about a day (which didn’t stop me being about a day late sending it out!) thanks to a bunch of open source projects. So massive thanks to the authors of and contributors to:
  • Papervision for the 3d (although thinking about it, I could have possibly tried to do something this simple using the new “postcards in space” 3d of the flash player 10).
  • Flint particle system for the snow (and I’m hoping to do more with this engine soon – it’s really nicely put together).
  • Pure MVC for holding it together.
  • Code Igniter for the backend (so I can send different cards to different people).
  • GTween for the tweening.
  • And also to Icon Drawer for the icons who are standing in the foreground of this card.
And now it’s time to go out and celebrate the approach of another year! I’m looking forward to lots of cool stuff for next year, both work and play. So Happy Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!! And all the best for 2009 :D

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