Stylesheet switcher using jQuery

Update 30/07/2009: Superseeded by the more flexible and powerful Stylesheet toggle - please use that code instead

This is a simple example of my stylesheet switcher which is very simple thanks to the power of jQuery.

Update 10/02/2009: Updated to work with other libraries (using jQuery instead of $)

Update 22/12/2008: Updated to work with newest jQuery 1.3 beta (changed [@title] to [title])

Update 25/08/2006: Updated to work with persistant stylesheets and new version of jQuery (r226 from SVN) [thanks Andrea]

Update 20/08/2006: Updated to work with new version of jQuery (r200 from SVN) ["*=style" replaced with "=*style*"]

Currently active stylesheet: styles1 styles2 styles3

Choose a different stylesheet:

Please view source to see how it works or see the full article about this script for more information. You can download the relevant Javascript here: styleswitch.js, jquery.js