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jScrollPane – custom cross-browser scrollbars

jScrollPane is a jQuery plugin which provides you with custom scrollbars which work consistently across all modern browsers. You can style the scrollbars using simple CSS and they degrade gracefully where JavaScript is disabled.


There are full examples of many different use-cases for jScrollPane all available from the jScrollPane homepage.


jScrollPane is currently at version 2.0. You can keep up to date with all changes to jScrollPane via its github project page.


jScrollPane has it’s own github project – this is where the latest sourcecode and releases can be downloaded from. You will find the latest cutting edge code in the master branch while all previous releases will be available as tags in the git repository. Thanks to the magic of github, archives of each branch/ tag are available on the download page.

Bug reporting and feature requests

All bugs should be reported through the github issues list. Please first make sure that you are in fact seeing a bug, the best way to confirm is to discuss the issue first on the google group (see support section below). You should also check the known issues and FAQs. If you do submit a bug please provide a minimal test case showing the bug in action. This can be a URL to any page showing the bug although I would suggest creating a js fiddle – this makes it really easy to tweak the test case and fix the bug. You can use this basic jScrollPane demo fiddle as a starting point for your bug demo if you like.


Support for jScrollPane is available either via stackoverflow (tag your questions with jquery and jscrollpane) or through the jScrollPane google group. But please make sure you first check the FAQs. I will do what I can to help although some questions might get a faster response from the friendly folks on the jQuery mailing list. If your problem is urgent and you want prioritised help then there is donate button below which you can use to try and catch my attention ;)


jScrollPane is completely free and open source. However, if you find jScrollPane useful and you would like to make a donation towards my beer fund then please use the paypal button below to donate any amount. Thanks!
You can also donate to the project by joining the mailing list and answering any questions that you can.