a stroke of luck

shAIR is now Sharify

Not too long ago I posted about the launch of shAIR – a service which allows developers to easily add shareware functionality to their Adobe AIR applications.

Shortly after the launch we were approached by representatives of Adobe informing us that our choice of name infringed on their trademark. To cut a long story short, while we weren’t convinced that Adobe’s claim was fair, we decided to change the name of the service.

So I take great pleasure in introducing you to Sharify. Check out the website to find out just how easy it is to convert your AIR application into a shareware application. You just need to set up the relevant information on and integrate a small swc file. Then you can sell your application to your users and Shairfy will ensure that only people who have purchased a license can use it (after an optional trial period).

The service is still in private beta but if you sign up on the site and include a good description of the application you’ve built or are building then we will be happy to invite you to try it out. What are you waiting for? It’s time to Sharify it!