a stroke of luck


This is the personal weblog of Kelvin Luck. I’m a web developer from London, England currently living in Revelstoke, Canada. This rarely updated blog contains bits and pieces of sourcecode and other examples of my work, experiments and/or things I find interesting.

Built on

This blog is built on WordPress (after many years running on Textpattern). The theme started out as Daydreams 2 by J but has been modified a fair amount to make it do what I wanted it to do.


This site is hosted on Dream Host. They are nice and cheap if you want lots of space and control over your domains along with PHP / MySQL / SSH access etc etc. They aren’t always the most reliable host in the world but in general I find them more than adequate for my needs and the extras like easy Subversion repository setup and almost unlimited disk space mean that they are more than worth the money in my opinion. Consider that a recommendation!


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