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Slimmer Timer is a simple standalone application for Mac and PC which interacts with is a web app which provides a simple way to track the time spent on various tasks. As a freelancer, I find this app invaluable for keeping tabs on how much time I spend on what projects. The one annoying thing is that you have to keep a browser window open at all times to track your time.

With Slimmer Timer you have an application which exposes the most basic functionality of Slim Timer (recording time spent on tasks) in a simple standalone application which you can leave running all the time. Accidentally closing (or crashing) your browser won’t interrupt your timing.

Here is what it looks like in action:

Slimmer Timer in action

As you can see, it is very minimal and simple. You select what you are currently doing from a list of your active tasks and press play to start recording your time. Or you can create new tasks and mark tasks as completed. You still use the website to tag your tasks and to view reports on how you spent your time.


You can download SlimmerTimer for PC or for Mac. Simply unzip the downloaded file to a folder of your choice and double click on the application (“SlimmerTimer.exe” on PC or “SlimmerTimer” on Mac).


Slimmer Timer was built using Flex, haXe and Screenweaver HX. More information about the technologies behind Slimmer Timer and the build process here.

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