a stroke of luck

Introducing shAIR – easily monetize your Adobe AIR applications

Update: shAIR is now called Sharify so I’ve updated the links below to point to the new website.

I am very pleased to announce the release of my latest project: shAIR. It is a product that is designed to be used by developers of Adobe AIR applications and makes it very easy for those developers to add “shAIRware” functionality to their applications.


To quote Dr Woohoo – an early beta tester of shAIR:
shAIR solves the greatest challenge to the AIR platform for serious developers – how to integrate a trial period, registration & authentication – by creating a simple solution that helps protect and commoditize their applications and intellectual property. It’s simply brilliant!
shAIR is a combination of an as3 swc file and the website/ API which this connects to. A developer integrates the swc into their application and uses the administration panel on the shAIR website to create and administer licenses for the application.

The beautiful identity and website design was done by my good friends over at hoppermagic – thanks guys :) You should get in touch with them if you want to commision any similarily exquisite work!

The launch of shAIR is also interesting because it marks a change in the direction of my company (Luck Laboratories Ltd) from a purely consultancy based company to one which also produces it’s own products. It’s going to be an interesting ride but I’m really excited by the possibilities for shAIR and looking around the web I think it is something that lots of people have been looking for.